Aufguss Sauna

The "Aufguss" is a spectacular sauna experience of German origin designed to increase sweating. The "sauna master" throws water onto hot lava stones, producing a cloud of steam which immediately increases the level of humidity in the sauna. At the same time, he makes circular movements with a towel to circulate the air, mixing the hot air at the top with the cooler air at the bottom and thus raising the ambient temperature at the level of the participants. This rapid increase in both temperature and humidity stimulates the sweat grands.

Essential oils are added to the water to perfume the air and stimulate the limbic system, and frozen fruit is distributed at the end of the experience, creating health benefits for the whole body.

Location The Finnish sauna
Schedule Sundays at 1:30PM and 3:30PM except during summer period (from June 24th to Labor Day)
Duration Approximately 12 minutes
Number of participants Minimum 5 people, maximum 12 people per Aufguss session. Sign up at the time of your arrival at the spa.
Essences Orange, grapefruit, lime & citrus
Rates Free - Included in the spa admission

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