Our history

Le Nordique spa Mont Ste-Anne was founded in July 2013 and opened its doors August 16, 2013. This new enterprise is a partnership between two friends with different experiences and competencies. One of the co-founders is the owner of Le Nordique spa Stoneham, which opened its doors on June 2005 on the shores of the Jacques-Cartier river. The other co-founder has been the owner of a Quebec City-based commercial and residential construction company for over 15 years. Together, they are working towards offering the most family oriented spa in the Quebec City region, welcoming children to its safe and relaxing environment over 200 mornings a year.

Le Nordique Spa & Relaxation was born from the deepest wishes of the owner to realize a dream from his youth - to own his own business. With studies in business administration and experience as management consultant under his belt, the idea of building a Nordic spa came to him as he enjoyed the experience of visiting several such spas in the late 1990's. The idea started to become reality in 2001, and gained momentum in 2003 with the purchase of of 500,000 square feet of land on the shore of the Jacques Cartier river, and the start of construction in the spring of 2004. On June 24, 2005, the dream became reality with the inauguration of the Nordique Spa & Détente, a name chosen for its affinity with the experience offered as well as to allude to the region’s well-known hockey team.